Orb Photography system

Business View Virtual Tours, Maidstone

The Orb photography system allows panoramas to be photographed in seconds and we continue to look for ways to improve and automate. The hard work is done by the electronics and this means that our clients benefit from quicker photography on location and faster post-processing turn around times. Our virtual tours are well suited for showcasing interiors of real estate properties for sale as well as business premises to attract more customers through your website.

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Streamlined workflow

Over the last year we have considerably improved the workflow for acquiring images to as quick as 7 seconds per panorama.1 We were able to do this by designing our own unique photography system that controls the camera movement and automatically takes perfectly aligned images every time.


Single button operation, variable shooting speed, radio remote triggering and confined space performance are some of the features that make our particular system very convenient.

1 Shooting speed is defined by lighting conditions, in normal indoor lighting the optimal shooting time is 40 — 90 seconds.